Our Mission

To promote, coordinate, and foster lifelong learning opportunities for adult residents in the Smoky River Region

Literacy / Numeracy Courses

Literacy Definition:
The ability of adults to identify, understand, interpret, create,
communicate, and use printed and written materials associated
within varying contexts.

Numeracy Definition
The ability to use, apply, interpret, and communicate mathematical
information and ideas.

Wonderful World of Writing

Do you want to improve your writing? Do you want to start writing, but unsure where
to start! Explore the Wonderful World of Writing with us!

1 Hour with Idioms & Me

Learn about idioms…the expressions that say 1 thing and mean another!

Learn to Read

Have you always struggled with reading, perhaps you never learned how to read?
We can help, we offer a safe space to learn to read with one on one tutoring.

Family Literacy

Details are coming soon!

Meeting You in Math

Interested in pursuing your ged? Need some help to get by with math in your daily life? We will meet you where you need help and walk you through in a safe and caring environment.