Our Mission

To promote, coordinate, and foster lifelong learning opportunities for adult residents in the Smoky River Region


What is Foundational Learning?

Foundational learning opportunities are learning opportunities that support the development
of adult literacy, numeracy skills, proficiency in the English language, the development of
basic digital skills and the development of skills for learning.

What is CALP?

CALP stands for Community Adult Learning Program. A “first point of access for adult
foundational learners, the community-based learning system has the crucial role of providing
a non-threatening, flexible learning environment, as well as raising awareness and creating a
culture of learning in communities.” (Community Adult Learning Program Guidelines, 2020)

How is Smoky River Adult Learning funded?

Smoky River Adult Learning is funded through Alberta Advanced Education.

Where is Smoky River Adult Learning located?

There are 2 offices. The main office is located in the MD of Smoky River No. 130 building.
You will find the office when you walk in the building and look to your left. There is a satellite
office in the Northern Lakes College campus in McLennan. This location is by appointment

Who coordinates and facilitates at Smoky River Adult Learning?

Leslie Carbone is the Executive Director. Leona Moore is the Assistant Coordinator.

Who are the instructors and tutors?

We are always looking for new instructors and tutors. If you’re interested, please contact us!