Our Mission

To promote, coordinate, and foster lifelong learning opportunities for adult residents in the Smoky River Region

Digital Skills Courses

The ability of individuals to understand and use digital systems,
tools, applications, and networks in order to access and manage
information and thrive in learning, the workplace, and daily life.

“Estimates say that around 84% of jobs in Canada currently require the use of a
computer and basic technical skills (Information and Communications Technology
Council, 2016) and that even low-skilled jobs increasingly require a basic level of
digital literacy” (Essential Skills Ontario).

Microsoft Word

An introduction to Microsoft Word and it’s basic functions.

Computer Confidence

Do computers scare you? Are they intimidating? Come boost your Computer Confidence and learn the basics!

Smartphone Smarties

Introduction to Apple iPhones and see the features that will AMAZE you!

Tablet Tutoring

Do you have a tablet that you’re not sure how to use? Bring your tablet with you and join us for 1 on 1 tablet tutoring!