Our Mission

To promote, coordinate, and foster lifelong learning opportunities for adult residents in the Smoky River Region


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Literacy & Numeracy Learning

The ability of adults to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, and use printed and written materials associated within varying contexts.

Digital Skills Courses

The ability of individuals to understand and use digital systems, tools, applications, and networks in order to access and manage information and thrive in learning, the workplace, and daily life.

English Language Learning

The study and practice of the English language by individuals whose first language is other than English and who are unable to communicate fluently or learn effectively in English.

Skills for Learning

Learning opportunities that support the development of the fundamental skills and habits of learning that support foundational learners to build confidence, develop an identity as a learner, advocate for themselves, and engage in foundational and other learning.

Community Capacity Learning


  • Food Safety
  • Basic French 
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Anger Management

Learner Support Services

  • Citizenship Prep
  • Newcomer Settlement Support
  • Referrals to Community Supports
  • Resume Writing
  • Technology Assistance
  • Assistance Filling out Forms

Other Learning Opportunities

  • Hunter’s Training
  • Firearms Safety
  • Cricut Course
  • Pleasure Craft Operator’s License